Relevant Cutting-edge Content Generators do Battle in the Digital World of the Internet—With Gladiators the likes of Newsweek, New York Times, CNN, BBC Where Content Rules


Walking the beach yesterday in Naples, FL- I saw many leaving messages in the sand with their feet-The messages were washed away by the surf. Nice medium arousing many senses.

The #digital medium we all love is replacing paper-paper that replaced stones and more efficiently and effectively reaching the masses.

Newsweek going out of print, to all digital, will reduce tree and fossil fuel consumption and confirms they are in the communication-content generation industry not the printed magazine industry.

New generations migrate and embrace this deep digital medium with passion.

Does Starbucks still sell newspapers or magazines? or is everyone having $5 lattes around their retina or HD far reaching portable devices?  Skyping, interacting, with a family war hero abroad, real-time multi-media experiences from the Far East.  Wow, digital communication has toppled countries and is now the chosen source of communication by leaders of the world including the Pope.

In my opinion, Newsweek has a good future as they have proven to the planet for 80 years the ability to generate highly consumed content.


Tary Kettle, [email protected], President of the Link Related Companies  and

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